Good progress has been made towards a network of cycle routes in Ashford in recent years. As Ashford grows there is the opportunity to create better and more attractive cycle routes and greater access to green spaces and the countryside.

Many new development areas will be within about 2 miles of the town centre, which is ideal to promote cycling as a genuine travel choice. For more information on travelling round the borough by bike or on foot visit Getting Around 

An important new cycle route link was opened on at the end of January 2008, joining the Little Burton Farm area of Ashford to the town centre.  Visit the news story Cycle Route Link opened for more information.

Tour de France

Millions of people around the world saw Ashford at its best in July 2007 as the Tour de France made its way through the county.

The people of Ashford together with visitors from the UK and around the world who chose to view the race in our borough thronged the streets to catch a glimpse of the worlds largest annual sporting event.

A New Cycling Strategy

A Cycling Strategy for Ashford, setting out proposals for new cycle routes to connect up the network and extend it into the development areas, is currently under preparation by Kent County Council and is expected in 2008.

The Ashford Transport Strategy promotes the provision of cycle parking in all new residential and commercial developments.