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Ring Road

Breaking Boundaries – A Project to Transform Ashford’s Ring Road

Integral to the expansion of the town centre is the need to break the barrier created by the former Ring Road.

Since its completion in the mid 1970's, most of the development has turned its back creating an unpleasant, car dominated environment that does not encourage walking or active street frontages. 

The new-look Bank Street re-opened at the beginning of August  and work has now been completed along Elwick Road and West Street.

Visitors will notice the improved paving and street furniture and a 20mph zone to increase safety. The works is part of a multi-million pound scheme to improve the appearance and character of the town centre.

Further phases will be implemented in conjunction with progress on Victoria Way and Park and Ride, that will reduce the need for traffic to enter the town centre.

Ultimately this scheme will provide an attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors, stimulating growth and opening up the town centre.

The shared space principle will allow motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists to occupy the same space and create safer environments, with reduced speeds.

Kent County Council have produced a DVD to explain more about shared space. To view the DVD.

A series of information leaflets have been produced which provide information on the scheme download the Breaking Boundaries Leaflets or visit the Kent County Council website.