This website contains details and information on who is involved in the Ashford’s Future partnership, the projects and developments currently happening and future proposals.

This website is managed by Ashford Borough Council and the Ashford's Future partners.

Using the Site

The site can be navigated in several ways:

  • Using the search box on every page to jump directly to the item that your looking for
  • Using the main navigation menu to visit main areas of the site, such as Living, Investing and Travelling.
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The options in the top right area provide the following links:

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    The accessibility page features a variety of options for you to customise how you view the website. You can choose from differernt font sizes and colour themes.
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    Links to this page.
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    Gives you a map of the  whole site.

The website footer contains contact infomation for general Ashford's Future queries and the website disclaimer is also available.

Using Adobe Acrobat

Some documents in this website are stored in PDF format. This file format is used to store large documents that is easier to print and read, rather than viewing on the website. To view and print PDF files, you must have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed.

Contact Us

If you have a technical problem or need any additional advice on using this website please email Ashford Borough Council's Media Team.

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