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The Organisation

Ashford's Future is a partnership between the local council, government agencies and others from the public and private sector. The partnership is responsible for delivering regeneration throughout the borough and ensuring the town develops and grows in a sustainable way. Ultimately the partnership wants Ashford to be the best place to live, work and do business.

The role of the partnership is to:

  • Provide great urban environments
  • Improve recreation opportunities and facilities
  • Enhance and protect countryside and green spaces
  • Introduce balanced communities with good schools
  • Provide excellent community and cultural facilities 
  • Improve transport and utilities infrastructure
  • Develop homes that people can afford to rent or buy

New Ashford's Future Structure

A new company has been set up to support the Ashford’s Future Partnership Board to drive forward key projects to support ambitious growth plans for the town.

The company will operate under the direction of the Partnership Board, which will decide its areas of work and allocate funding. The key purpose of the company will be to take responsibility for delivering specified infrastructure projects and promoting mixed use development in Ashford town centre.

It will also support the wider Ashford’s Future partnership by providing a programme management capacity to help the partnership keep track of the whole range of Ashford’s Future related projects that are under way, whether being delivered by the compnayor by existing partner organisations.