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Document Library

Welcome to the document library section of the website where you can view background documents, studies, reports and presentations on Ashford’s Future.

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Ashford’s Future Studies

Invest In Success

This report sets out what public sector spending is needed to deliver growth in Ashford was submitted to Government in January. The report, prepared by the Ashford’s Future Delivery Board, was submitted to H.M. Treasury as its response to the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR).

Master Plan

The Greater Ashford Development Framework sets out how Ashford will grow up to 2031. The Masterplan sets out the key components necessary to make Ashford a successful and sustainable town, in particular how it can accommodate the required 31,000 homes and necessary infrastructure to support them.

Download the strategic growth model for Ashford in PDF format.

Local Development Framework

The findings of the Masterplan form part of Ashford Borough Council’s Local Development Framework. The Local Development Framework (LDF) is part of the new national planning policy system which will replace the existing Local Plan system. The framework is made up of a series of documents, including the Statement of Community Involvement, Core Strategy and a number of Area Action Plans which set out future development policy for the borough.

To view the Local Development Framework link to the Ashford Borough Council website

Core Strategy

At the heart of the LDF is the Core Strategy. This document will cover the overall strategy for the future development of the borough until 2021, setting out broad locations proposed for housing, retail and transport development.

To view the Core Strategy and background document link to the Ashford Borough Council website

There are a number of other important documents related to Ashford's growth which are available of the Ashford Borough Council website.

Halcrow Overarching Report

A report produced by Halcrow in 2002 setting out the key findings of capacity studies into Ashford's growth, (the report is number 17).

To view the Halcrow Overarching Report link to the Ashford Borough Council website.

Town Centre

Ashford Town Centre Development Framework (Urban Initiatives)

This report sets out the a more detailed proposed development framework for the town centre that advises the Borough Council’s LDF document – Ashford Town Centre Area Action Plan.