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Energy Study Shows The Way

The results of a study looking into how new developments can provide onsite sustainable energy have been released by Ashford’s Future.

The study examined how development in Ashford can reduce carbon emission using onsite renewable energy generation, as required by policies in Ashford’s Core Strategy planning document.

New developments in Ashford are now required to reduce their carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency and utilising sustainable energy sources. This report helps to identify which sustainable energy technologies could be successfully used.

The results from Arup, who were commissioned by Ashford’s Future and Kent County Council, show the different combinations of sustainable energy that can be applied to different sizes of developments, from 10 to 18,000 homes, as well as highlighting the most economically viable combinations.

It is anticipated that the results of this study will be used to inform renewable energy solutions for all future developments, as well as masterplanning for the new urban extensions at Chilmington Green and Cheeseman’s Green.

Laurienne Tibbles, Sustainability Manager for Ashford’s Future, said: “Power and heating for our homes and businesses accounts for 50% of energy use in the UK. Using sustainable energy sources, will reduce carbon emissions, mitigate against climate change and create sustainable communities and jobs.

“The growth of Ashford provides the opportunity to realise high quality environmental standards and the approach to energy can play a vital part an the Sustainable Energy Feasibility Study reports sets out how Ashford’s expansion can use sustainable energy technologies to reduce carbon emissions and work toward carbon neutral developments.”

Media Release 0356/08