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Water Efficiency

Ashford is introducing some innovative ideas to save water. A variable tariff is being introduced in some areas of Ashford, so that households using water more carefully might benefit from a significant reduction in their water bills.

There are many ways to save water in the home, from changing individual behaviour to installing alternative fittings in buildings and planting drought resistant plants. The key is to reduce waste, not restrict use.  

The table below shows the breakdown of domestic water use and water efficient products that can help make savings.


% Total Consumption

Alternative Technologies and Potential Savings

Toilet flushing


35% Low flush toilets can save 30 litres/day

Dual flush toilets savings potential = between 45 and 150 l/day

Hippos can save 30%

Baths, showers and handbasins


Fit lower volume baths and low volume taps with

flow restrictors/ spray taps resulting in saving of


Kitchen sinks


Fit taps with water restrictors/ spray taps resulting in a saving of 50-70%

Washing machines


Install water efficient appliances which can reduce

volumes to 50 litres per cycle

Outdoor taps


Rainwater collection tanks/ water butts for

rainwater harvesting. Savings up to 100%



Install water efficient appliances




Other technologies include grey-water recycling which involves collecting water used in sinks and baths for garden watering or toilet flushing, a method which is already being used successfully.

Further Information

For more ideas, tips and advice on how to save water and make the most effecient use of water, visit the following websites: