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It’s all about sustainable development, ‘meeting the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations’. Our homes, our communities and our lifestyles - what we buy and consume, the energy we use, what we do with our waste and how we interact with each other - have a huge impact on the environment.

Ashford is considering how it will provide 31,000 new homes and 28,000 jobs by 2031 in a sustainable way - a place where people can live happy, healthy lives within their fair share of the Earth’s resources, now and in the future.

What is Ashford’s Future doing?

Ashford is working in partnership with other organisations and stakeholders to:

  • Promote excellent environmental practice
  • Increase awareness of the value and importance of environmental sustainability
  • Encourage individuals, business and communities to make a difference
  • Drive forward projects relating to energy, water, waste, green space and conservation

In this section of the website you can find information on the Ecological Footprint and Climate Change.

For further information, please email Laurienne Tibbles, Sustainability Manager.