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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy comes from continuously available sources which do not rely on fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas which will eventually run out. The main sources of renewable energy are:

  • Wind
    Ranges from offshore wind farms, to free standing wind turbines or roof mounted turbines
  • Solar
    Using the sun to heat water or powering photovoltaic cells to produce electricity
  • Water
    Ranges from using tidal power to rivers to produce electrical energy
  • Biomass
    Burning of biological material such as wood fuel to provide heat
  • Geothermal
    Pumping heat stored in the earth or water to provide heat and electricity

These technologies are happening now; they have been tried and tested, save money in the long run and most importantly, reduce carbon emissions. Energy security has become significant as oil prices continue to rise. Renewables provide an unlimited, reliable supply of energy which is produced locally rather than imported. 

Renewable energy can be used in all kinds of developments, from individual houses and schools to whole communities and business parks. Sometimes a mixture of renewable technologies is required for maximum benefit.  As Ashford grows incorporating renewables to encourage energy self-sufficiency will become more important.

There are various grants available to help implement renewable energy technologies, for further information and an online Energy Check, visit the Kent Energy Centre Website.