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The Parks


One of the most attractive features of Ashford is its acres of green, open spaces.

Incredible areas of outstanding natural beauty surround the town, and the borough's picturesque rural villages are tempting more and more people looking for a slice of country life away from the city.

Ashford’s growth plans require the amount of public open spaces around the town to increase by upto 900 hectres, with provision for natural, family-friendly spaces and pathways throughout.

To help meet this target, the Core Strategy for Ashford's Local Development Framework proposes the creation of three new strategic parks over the next 20 years,

Comparable in size to London’s royal parks, the parks will offer a wide range of leisure opportunities, from exciting family-oriented activities to more natural, rural-themed public spaces to attract both local residents and visitors from further afield.

The proposed parks are:

  • ChilmingtonDiscovery Park (Chilmington Green) -  a family-orientated park incorporating the Singleton Environment Centre, events and sports field, formal gardens, play park, organic farm and arts centre. Large enough to take a 40min jog or an hour-long walk.
  • Conningbrook Park (Conningbrook) - a major water park with a proposed boat house, dinghy sailing, restaurant, and man-made beach.
  • Stour Riverside Park (south east Ashford) - a park following the Stour River, focusing on natural-themed walks and activities that encourage bio-diversity.

Ashford’s Future is conducting on-going public research into what facilities each park should offer.

These parks will be connected by a ‘green necklace’ of open spaces around the town, including cycle paths, bridle ways and public rights of way. Sometimes crisp and urban, sometimes soft and green, these spaces will change in style according to the neighbourhood they pass through, and will create a stunning green circle around the town for people to enjoy, whether on their way to work or on a day out.